Angelos Stergiou’s SELLAS has Licensing Agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering

SELLAS’ immunotherapeutic galinpepimut-S is a late stage WT1 targeted agent licensed from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center which is undergoing research in treating multiple types of tumors.

SELLAS Life Sciences Group’s Phase II study of its galinpepimut-S immunotherapeutic in Multiple Myeloma began in 2014 with 19 patients committed to the study, according to Dr. Angelos Stergiou, Vice Chairman and CEO of SELLAS.   Seventeen of the 18 patients who participated in the study who could be evaluated are still alive as of the date of reporting.  Fifteen of these patients demonstrated high-risk cytogenetics with unfavorable clinical characteristics which normally result in low survival rates which do not exceed 12 to 15 months following their autologous stem cell transplantation procedures.  The positive results of the Phase II study have appeared very favorably when compared with a group of multiple myeloma patients with high-risk cytogenetics reported by the MD Anderson Cancer Center, who nearly doubled their progression free survival rates in 18 months with nearly a 43% increase in OS.

Vice Chairman and CEO of SELLAS Life Sciences Group Dr. Angelos Stergiou is greatly encouraged by the positive results of the Phase II WT1 Immunotherapeutic Anti-Cancer Treatment for multiple myeloma patients, and has total confidence in the Principal Investigator in the Phase II trial for SELLAS’ galinpepimut-S immunotherapeutic, Guenther Koehne, MD, an Attending Physician for the Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Service of SELLAS.  “Treatments for high-risk multiple myeloma have remained a clinical challenge. Now, for the first time, galinpepimut-S has provided strong indication of a meaningful clinical benefit.”


About Angelos Stergiou

Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou, MD, ScD h.c. is shaping the world through biotechnology, and you could too.
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