Dr. Angelos Stergiou: Traits of an Ideal Physician

Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou, MD is an entrepreneurial scientist and physician who founded SELLAS Life Sciences Group in 2012. He is now pioneering cancer vaccination research and working on a promising drug, known as the WT1 cancer vaccine (galinpepimut-S), that could save countless lives worldwide.

The lifelong dream of Dr. Angelos Stergiou has been to help others. In his own words, he has “always wanted to give back to humanity, and without clinical research, discovery and drug development, [the world] would not have new drugs.” By applying his personal passion for biotechnology to his expertise as a physician, Dr. Stergiou is fulfilling his dreams.

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If you aspire to help people as a physician as well, and you exhibit traits like those touched on below, you might be in need of a career change…

  • Patients and peers alike enjoy working with physicians who are straightforward about facts. Medical professionals require the ability to be forthcoming and honest, even when delivering bad news.
  • Without passion, patients and fellow physicians are likely to assume that you do not care about your career as a medical professional. Ideal physicians should be passionate and enthusiastic about their lines of work, and about the health of all that they come into contact with.

Whether you would like to focus on biotechnology, as Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou does, or you would like to work as a family doctor in a small practice, your first step to beginning a career is to have passion for what you are doing.



About Angelos Stergiou

Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou, MD, ScD h.c. is shaping the world through biotechnology, and you could too.
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